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Q & A for Vacations planning and booking
How do I enjoy a vacation with The Park Holidays International?

Join with us by becoming a vacations owner and select the plan suitable for your family. Log into your account, select bookings and pick a resort and time of your choice. It is as simple as that.  

What happens if you can’t take a vacation in particular year?

You can carry forward your vacation to the next year. Your vacation of that particular year will not lapse.

Can I split my vacation?

Yes, you can split your vacation. But you can split only minimum 2 nights.

Does The Park Holidays International have a 5 star properties?

We do not own or manage properties, there is no universal standard for star ratings of resorts . we update list of new associated resorts on regular basis . Generally however, the range of facilities available, and not necessarily equated to the degree of luxuriousness of the hotels/resorts. So, we cannot specify a property as 5 star or 4 star. we offer resorts purpose built for family vacations.

Do The Park Holidays International only receive an allocation of a percentage of rooms from hotels/resorts, and not the full inventory of rooms?

It depends; whereas, it is standard industry practice for resorts & hotels to allocate a percentage of their rooms for The Park vacations tie-up properties . Allocation of their inventory is their own guests who book them directly ,travel agents,corporate boookings or any other methods .usually they have more spare inventory except from few peak season dates and long weekends vacations such as new year, christmas etc. we do not offer/guarantee booking from 24 December to 3rd January every year. we always strive to give you accommodation on priority basis.

Why are we sometimes told there is no availability but the hotel website shows there is?

Sometimes, there may be technical errors or delays in updating the website. In such a case, the information that you receive from the customer care executive will be final & accurate. Or we will offer you another property of same category at same destination.

Are meals and transfers included in our vacation ownership & packages?

Meals and transfers are not included.

Your booking guidelines recommends booking at least 7 days advance .Will that guarantee me availability at my choice of resort?

We try our best to offer you the resort of your choice. But it does not guarantee that you will get the booking in the same resort because of occupancy issues or may be any unforseen circumstances. In such a case, we will offer you booking at any other resort of same Standards in the same destination .we do not offer or gurantee bookings on peaks season dates Such as New year,christmas,extended long weekend vacations.

How many resorts are available through The Park Holidays International?

The Park Holidays International is associated with top resorts across the country and the world giving you a total convenient vacations ownership.

Can I book more vacations once my yearly nights plan is over?

Yes ,you can use the nights accumulated from the previous year or you can advance your vacations from the following year .you can start avail this facility anytime after a year from your vacations start date.

Can I gift holidays to friends?

You can gift your entitlement to friends or guests according to standard terms and conditions.

How do I check in?

Once you get a confirmation of the reservation you can travel with your family to the resort. Take a snap shot/print of the reservation mail and carry it with you. Bring along your personal identity papers.

Am I allowed to bring pets?

At this moment pets are not permitted to accompany family at resorts, but sometimes it all depends on individual resort policy

What about cancellation charges?

No there is no cancellation charges if you cancel 7 days in advance. If you cancel in less than 7 days in advance, then you get no vacations for that year. Your vacation will lapse.

Reservation Policy

Becoming a vacations owner entitles you to own number on days & nights of vacations for selected years subject to plan you choose.

Members are recommended to use online process to make reservations and follow guidelines.

Members can make reservations by email using their registered email address to initiate the process.

Members can make reservations by using our mobile app on their phone.

We do offer reservations by phone ,you need to call on our customer care numbers to book.

You are not supposed to personally visit our local centres to make bookings and reservations. You can do everything online. Members can make reservations for themselves and for their family members such as spouse, children (below 12), mother and father. Any other family member is considered a guest and charges apply.

Reservations are subject to terms and conditions of the offer which members have opted for. Special schemes and plans have their own terms that will apply first. Reservation policy may change from time to time as we improve our services so please check our site before making reservations


If members cancel their vacation before 7 days in advance of the confirmed week then they are eligible to retain their vacation and use it in future. This is applicable for the standard week package.

If members cancel a confirmed vacation within 7 days or less or do not show up, then no carry forward or accumulation is allowed. This is applicable for the standard week package.

In some specific cases no cancellation or carry forward/accumulation is possible. Members are requested to check cancellation policy for specific plans before Booking.

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